balloons narrow

December brings two more Hope Floats balloons found.

Hope Floats, the LED Balloon launch that kicks off Hubbapalooza weekend hosted and put on by Hands on Hubbardston in Hubbardston ...
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balloons narrow

Hunters find another Hope Floats tag

Hands on Hubbardston is happy to report this week that another Hope Floats balloon tag has been found near Elsie ...
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Hunters find two more Hope Floats tags

  This is what an older Hope Floats balloon tag looks like that wasn't found a day or two after the launch in ...
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Found Hope Floats Balloon Tag

Still more Hope Floats Balloons found.

Two more Hope Floats 2015 balloon tags where found this past week.  To this point just under 40 balloon tags ...
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Hubbapalooza IV = $24,000 and the $12,000 donations are paid out

With Hubbapaloooza IV officially in the history books and all the finalizing paperwork and accounting finished Hands on Hubbardston is ...
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Hope Floats III

  Friday evening July 17th at Dugan Field in Hubbardston MI the softball field wasn't lined with fans cheering on their ...
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